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Percy Pitzer provides scholarship assistance to Harvard University!

May 27, 2022 8:07 am

Percy H. Pitzer, Gina Flores and Jackie Simien
A few weeks ago, I was contacted by Kathleen Carmouche Fontenot, Port Arthur Memorial High School CATE Counselor, about a wonderful opportunity for one of her students. Gina Flores is a 10th grader in the CATE Health Science Principle class and a Medical Coding student AND she was accepted into the Harvard Summer Secondary Program. The program would allow her to take two accredited courses AND BE AT HARVARD! Though she was fortunate enough to receive some financial aid to participate, Gina still needed thousands more to enroll. Mrs. Fontenot wanted to know if I could help. I didn’t know if I could, but I was certainly going to try.
Among the first people I reached out to was Percy Pitzer. Percy is the founder of www.ccefscholarships.org Creative Corrections Education Foundation awards scholarships to children of the incarcerated, as well as women and men on parole or probation. It only took a few phone conversations for Percy to come through for Gina. And he did it NOT USING FOUNDATION FUNDS, but with his own money. The day the money was due for enrollment, Percy’s assistant called Mrs. Fontenot and Gina’s tuition was paid.
Today, Percy and I met Gina in person for the very first time. She was extremely gracious and presented me with a bouquet of roses. Percy is the one who deserves all the flowers, though. He and I told the students how we’ve both been helped by many people throughout our lives. We all owe it to those who’ve helped us to pay it forward. My birthday month begins next week. I would be very thankful if you’d consider donating to CCEF so Percy can continue doing the great work that he does. Congratulations Gina. We know you’ll make us proud!