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News from April 2015

April 1, 2015 7:18 pm

April 16, 2015

CCEF has awarded 9 new scholarships from January 1 – April 20, 2015, to the following states.  Wisconsin (1), Ohio (2), Illinois (1), New Mexico (2), Michigan (1), New Jersey (1) and Colorado (1), bringing the total scholarship award since June 2012 to $77,000 scholarships to children of the incarcerated in 28 states nationwide.

April 22, 2015

States and Number of Scholarships Awarded   (Updated 4/22/2015)

Alabama 3 Michigan 2 Pennsylvania 2
Arkansas 2 Minnesota 1 South Carolina 1
California 1 Montana 2 Tennessee 1
Colorado 2 New Jersey 1 Texas 17
Florida 4 New Mexico 2 Virginia 2
Idaho 1 New York 3 Washington 1
Illinois 2 North Carolina 1 West Virginia 1
Indiana 3 Ohio 6 Wisconsin 7
Kentucky 5 Oklahoma 2    
Louisiana 1 Oregon 1    

Total Scholarships Awarded to Date:           = 77 ($77,000)

Number of States receiving Scholarships:  = 28

From Percy Pitzer                                                                                        April 29, 2015

With the recent events that are occurring in the Baltimore area, it has caused me to reflect on how this is a growing concern in America.

Early in my career as a supervisor in corrections, I used the approach that going in and focusing on the negative things made me a better supervisor. I took this approach for years. But as my career went on I realized that this approach was not producing effective results among the inmates. I then took a look at my supervisory experience and came to the conclusion that focusing on the positive things that were going on and fixing the negatives as they were identified created a much better environment. I think that we as a community focus much more on the negatives that are occurring than we are the positives.

From my experience I have come to realize that a large percentage of the youth in our society have no vision for success. If you can’t visualize success, how can you attain it? And that in turn leads to problems for the child such as falling victim to crime. Many of these children are growing up in single parent homes. These children have the ability to create success however our communities are not promoting this. The majority of these kids do not understand the value of setting goals and having the vision for success. We as a community, such as churches, charities, prisons, police and parents need to instill in these children that they too can have the ability to be successful. We believe that practicing these tactics could seriously assist in reducing the unreal mass incarceration we are experiencing in our country. This is why Sue and I donated over $ 200,000 of our personal money to create a foundation that would focus on the children of the incarcerated.

Creative Corrections Education Foundation does just that. I want to see these children go to YALE and not JAIL. CCEF continues its mission of helping to eliminate second generation crime by giving students with incarcerated parents the opportunity for a better tomorrow. I challenge you to go and take a look at the CCEF website and see how we are assisting these students and how you too can help us succeed in our mission by donating to the scholarship fund. While looking at the web site please take the opportunity to read some of the testimonials from students that have actually benefited from the scholarship. At this critical time in America especially Baltimore, I think we as Americans should come together to generate a SOLUTION to the problem and in doing so help our children to realize the importance of being a productive member of society. Please visit our website at www.ccefscholoarships.org and see the wonderful things this foundation is doing to help these children.

April 27, 2015


Virginia State Department of Corrections has partnered with Creative Corrections Education Foundation in the fight to help stop second generation crime in the state of Virginia.   The offenders in Virginia DOC will now be able to donate to the foundation and help in the funding of scholarships opportunities for children of the incarcerated in the state of Virginia.  A CCEF presentation was provided to the Virginia DOC Executive staff, Wardens, Superintendents and Probation and Parole Chiefs at a meeting that was held on April 27, 2015.  The staff were so excited about the mission of the foundation helping kids of the incarcerated, they donated money towards scholarships for the children of the incarcerated in Virginia.  CCEF would like to give special thanks to the Director and the Executive staff of Virginia Department of Corrections for supporting the foundation and helping in reducing second generation crime.