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News Article from CCEF Founder, Percy Pitzer

March 3, 2016 8:12 pm

News Article from CCEF Founder, Percy Pitzer

I retired from the Bureau of Prisons in 1998 and moved out of the area. In 2005, my wife and I returned to Beaumont and here to stay. Three years ago, we started a foundation with the purpose of providing scholarships to children of incarcerated parents. To date, we have provided 103 scholarships, nationwide. After looking at our own community, specifically the South End, we decided to expand the program to Beaumont. Here, we are dealing with potentially at risk young adults. They do not have to have a parent incarcerated. The South End is an area that has a high poverty level and we don’t hear much about it. However, we do hear about the high crime rate. We, as a community, can do something about it.

We started the Right Path Program and now have 33 students in the program at Lamar Institute of Technology, with a 75 percent success rate. The question to ask is, how many of these young adults have we kept out of prison? Working nearly 30 years in prisons, I have seen many inmates that if they would have had a program similar to this, I have no doubt many would not have been in prison. We are one community and need to pay attention to all. Many of these young adults have no vision of success and what they can’t visualize, is very hard to attain.

We will make a difference in our community by working together. We need your help. Those who can, I would very much appreciate your donations and those who are not in the position to donate, please support us. So far, ExxonMobil, Community Bank and a small number of citizens have donated. You can donate today by clicking on the DONATE TAB on this website or by mail at CCEF, 6545 Calder Ave, Beaumont, TX, 77706. Should you have any questions, please call (409) 861-2536. Thanks for your consideration.