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Message from Percy Pitzer

November 12, 2018 4:49 pm

Creative Corrections Education Foundation has received $172,000 in donations from inmates. These donations have come from 15 states with Arizona and Ohio leading the pack.

All money donated by inmates goes toward the children’s education of those incarcerated. Imagine, America has around 2 million people incarcerated and if just half donated $1.00 each month, less than the price of a can of coke, that would be around a million dollars each month going toward their education. Statics show children of the incarcerated are 5 times more likely to be incarcerated themselves. It’s all about education versus incarceration. If inmates are a problem, lets allow them to be part of the solution. With nearly 30 years in corrections, I have never seen a situation where inmates didn’t want to be involved. Just look at the cost saving on preventing incarceration and at no cost to the tax payer. Common sense must prevail at some point. I would encourage all states, including the Bureau of Prisons to become involved. Let go of the bureaucracy and allow inmates to help make a difference for information, please call (409) 866-9920. #education #tax #savings #donations