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Message From Percy Pitzer, Founder

January 29, 2017 8:01 pm

I have recently seen a number of posts on Facebook from Chef Jeff Henderson. Jeff is a former inmate who served nearly 10 years in federal prison for drugs. I met Jeff about a year ago, when I invited him to speak at an event in Beaumont for our foundation. As a young man, Jeff was living in the fast lane, until the long arm of the law caught up with him and put him in prison. While in prison, Jeff took advantage of what that life had to offer and learned how to cook. He mast…ered the trade, without any formal education, so well that he became the top chef of one of Las Vegas’ largest hotels, wrote a best selling book and had his own TV show featuring the talents he learned in prison. As a warden working in prisons for nearly 30 years, Jeff is an example of what people can be, following incarceration. No doubt, Jeff worked hard to prove he was worthy of a chance and an opportunity and equally important, someone saw the value in Jeff and was willing to give Jeff that opportunity. I am very proud of what Jeff has accomplished. Jeff is an example of what I believe communities need to learn. Not everyone in prison is bad and if given the opportunity to show their value, they can succeed and be a productive member of society.