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Message from Marsha Pitzer

January 31, 2019 5:03 pm

Someone once asked me “What’s the difference between Lamar University (LIT) CICE Program ( Center for Innovation and Commercialization) versus our CCEF (Creative Corrections Education Foundation). The answer to that is:

One is CICE is open to the general public, versus CCEF main focus is ex offenders returning to the community from incarceration.

Second is difference in the length of time. CICE is 10 weeks and less. CCEF is 10 months up to three years depending on the class they take.

Third is CICE focuses on job readiness and life skills training for entry level jobs in the Construction and Hospitality industry versus CCEF is a program leading to a certification in a trade skill such as Pipe-fitting, Electrical, Instrumentation, Welding, Scaffold Builder, Industrial Carpentry, and CORE class.

The only cost is your committment to both of these opportunities. I hope that’s answers all your questions.