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Message from CCEF Founder Percy Pitzer

September 28, 2017 7:32 pm

The Creative Corrections Education Foundation Right Path Program is in its third year. The purpose of the program is to get at-risk young adults into Lamar Institute of Technology, learn a trade, become employed and become a productive, tax-paying member of our community.

We have a lot of people in our community who are hurting and need a hand up and not a lifetime of handouts. This is a much better approach than sending a person to prison.

As a retired prison warden, I know if many of the people I’ve seen incarcerated would have had the opportunity we are trying to give these young people, I feel certain they would not have been in prison. For the cost of sending a person to prison for one year, the foundation could place six young adults into the community college. With this approach, the community is a winner, as well as the young people.

The problem is, we have received little support from the community. Sue and I have been supplementing much of the cost of the program, which we cannot continue to do. Without appropriate community support, we will have to discontinue the program in Beaumont, which I believe is sad, because it is making a difference in young peoples’ lives.

If we find it necessary to discontinue the program in Beaumont, we will still continue our program in Milwaukee as well as the program for children of the incarcerated. These have become self-sustaining.