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Inmate Andre Coe Receives Letter of Support from CCEF Executive Director!

February 24, 2022 10:04 am

February 24, 2022

Andre Coe #1182513

Sussex 2 State Prison

24427 Musselwhite Drive

Waverly, Virginia 23981

Creative Corrections Education Foundation

EIN:  45-4474704

6545 Calder Ave.

Beaumont, Texas

Good morning, Andre Coe. I received your letter, package and book this week and I have to say, you are definitely on the right path to endure great things in life. After reading your letter dated March 27, 2021, I am proud of the accomplishments you have done to better yourself since your incarceration and you should also be proud of your positive achievements.

You are a perfect example of how individuals should look at positive life perspectives while incarcerated to include those who are not incarcerated!  You are an individual who chooses not to make excuses about your incarceration, but chose to see a way to help others in possibly avoiding incarceration through means of education versus incarceration through your donation support to our foundation as well as many other organizations you donate to like; Creative Corrections Education Foundation (which you have been a financial donor since 2015, helping us break the cycle of second generation crime by providing scholarships and financial aid to college or trade school for young adults of incarcerated in the state of Virginia), St. Jude (helping families in need of financial medical support), Soles-4-soles (an organization that provides shoes and clothing to poverty-stricken children around the world) and Boy’s Haven (helping young disadvantage at-risk boys in poverty-stricken neighborhoods).

Andre Coe has donated to CCEF for several years and now he has written a book (My Infinity Mirror), and he has dedicated 10% of all book sales to CCEF!

I can say without hesitation that you are an outstanding example of how all of us should view life. You are currently restricted to physically do many things as a free man, yet you have decided to ensure you do everything in your power to help others in need.

To the Clemency Board Members:

I Anthony Haynes, Executive Director of Creative Corrections Education Foundation, would like to share my support of leniency toward Andre Coe at his upcoming clemency hearing.

I am a retired Federal Bureau of Prisons Senior Executive Service Warden, with over 30 years in law enforcement. During my work tenure, I worked at 10 different federal prisons, started out as a correctional office in Tallahassee, Florida and retired from law enforcement as a SES Warden of the correctional complex in FCC Forrest City.  I have supervised many incarcerated individuals in my time, and I can say without a doubt, finding positive people like Andre Coe are rare in a correctional environment. Many of the incarcerated do not take responsibility of their actions and find ways to blame everyone but themselves of the crime they were charged with. While behind bars, Andre continues to show compassion for others in need and has even taken the time to write an interesting book (My Infinity Mirror), to bring education and awareness to others who are not aware of life behind bars!

While incarcerated, Andre continues to better himself as he took advantage of earning several Letters of Certificates such as; substance abuse treatment psychology-education program, victim impact-listen and learn program, dialectical behavior therapy skills for long-term incarceration, anger management treatment, Kairos inside weekend program, skills assessment for occupational/job for department of labor in the commonwealth of Virginia and he took it a step further and earned his GED while incarcerated!

Although, I do not know Andre’s life history before incarceration, I can support his character of outstanding accomplishments since his imprisonment. I am writing this letter in hopes of sharing many great life choices and changes Andre Coe has done to better himself while incarcerated including helping so many other people in need through his donation support to many charities!

If you would like to view how Andre’s support has aided us in our foundation mission to reduce second generational crime for children of the incarcerated nationwide, please go to our website at: www.ccefscholarships.org and read about the testimonies for the children.

Thank you for your attention to this matter and if you have any further questions of me, please contact me at the number below.

Best Regards

Anthony Haynes, Executive Director

Creative Corrections Education Foundation

6545 Calder Ave, Beaumont, Texas 77706

(409) 861-2536