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CCEF Staff Visit 18 Texas Department Criminal Justice (TDCJ) Prisons

November 18, 2016 8:15 pm

CCEF staff visited 18 TDCJ Correctional Facilities and provided presentations about the foundation to staff and offenders. TDCJ staff were very supportive of our mission to stop second generation crime by providing scholarships and financial aid to young adults of the incarcerated nationwide. The offenders vowed to make monetary donations to the foundations, aiding us in the financial burden of tuition and other school related cost. The offenders were reminded that 100% of their donations would help young adults who have a parent/legal guardian incarcerated in a TDCJ prison facility and would never be used to pay for foundation overhead cost.

CCEF staff would like to thank TDCJ executive and institution staff on their continued support of the foundation. You too can get involved by clicking on the Donate Tab on this website and make a monetary donation today. Checks can be mailed to 6545 Calder Ave Beaumont, Texas 77706