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CCEF Staff Prepares to Visit 33 State Prisons in Michigan!

February 23, 2016 8:41 pm

CCEF staff prepare to visit 33 state prison facilities in April 2016 to conduct presentations to the offender population about the wonderful news on how the foundation is helping young adults of the incarcerated avoid second generation crime through education. The offenders incarcerated in Michigan State prisons now have an opportunity to help young adults of the incarcerated in Michigan receive financial support for college and trade school by donating to the foundation. CCEF is a non-profit that relies on monetary donation support from the incarcerated, public, small businesses and corporations. We the people in communities nationwide need to get involved and help the young adults in our neighborhoods have a chance to receive higher education through scholarships and financial aid. Michigan is the eighth state that has joined our mission to do something about the over incarceration in America by giving these disadvantaged young adults a path of education so they don’t choose a road that only leads to prison.

CCEF staff is asking all citizens nationwide to get involved with our mission by going to the Donate page on this website and make a monetary contribution today.