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CCEF Foundation Helps At-Risk Young Adults!

September 21, 2015 8:56 pm

Creative Corrections Education Foundation (CCEF) is a 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization that provides educational opportunities for at-risk young adults of the incarcerated nationwide, who otherwise are extremely likely to participate in criminal activities. Research indicates that greater than 50% of juvenile delinquents have at least one incarcerated parent. As a result, CCEF was founded in June 2012 by Percy and Sununt Pitzer to address this national plight. Percy, a retired warden with over 30 years in the correctional sector, believes we need to break the cycle of young adults following in their parents’ footsteps of going to prison and reducing second generational crime by giving them financial assistance towards education. Anthony Haynes, Executive Director of CCEF, is also a retired warden with over 21 years in corrections. He communicates with the department of corrections executive and institution staff as well as the incarcerated, educating them on how to support CCEF’s endeavor through donations. Since its inception, CCEF awarded $95,000 in scholarships to recipients in 28 states nationwide.

The goal is to help young adults of the incarcerated help themselves through education. CCEF truly believes through education, we can provide these young adults with the needed tools towards achieving the American Dream of being successful in life. It’s less expensive to educate than it is to incarcerate.

CCEF relies on monetary donations from corporations, private citizens, and the incarcerated in order to award current and future scholarships. CCEF believes that the incarcerated need to be involved in helping the foundation financially and to date, the incarcerated housed in the following state prisons; Texas, New Mexico, Milwaukee County House of Correction, Colorado, Ohio, New York, Virginia, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Michigan, have donated over $32,742.47 toward scholarships.

CCEF initiated the Right Path Program in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and Beaumont, Texas. This program provides educational opportunities to young adults in these communities assisting them with financial aid to technical colleges. The foundation recently provided $20,000 in financial aid placing 20 young adults at Milwaukee Area Technical College in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and provided $34,000 in financial aid placing 34 young adults at Lamar Institute of Technology in Beaumont, Texas. With continued and future support from corporations, public citizens, and the incarcerated, CCEF will continue to break multi-generational incarceration by investing in education versus incarceration.

“Together, we can change lives “One Scholarship at a Time.”

Please click on the DONATE tab on this website and make a monetary donation today. Your financial support will aid in reducing incarceration in America nationwide!