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CCEF Executive Director Visits Louisiana State Department of Corrections Prisons!!!

September 22, 2015 8:55 pm

CCEF Executive Director Visits Louisiana State Prisons!!!

Anthony Haynes, Executive Director CCEF, made visits to eight Louisiana Department of Corrections prisons in September 2015. Anthony provided a CCEF presentation to staff and the inmate population at each facility, briefing them on what the foundation has and continues to do for young adults of the incarcerated nationwide. Anthony relayed a powerful message to the inmates on how to help in reducing second generational crime in the United States by breaking the cycle of children following in their parents’ footsteps of going to prison. Anthony also educated the inmate population of their responsibility to help their own kids with their educational future by donating to the foundation. The inmates were advised that 100% of their donations to CCEF would go directly towards a scholarship and would never be used to pay for CCEF salaries or foundation overhead expenses.

Anthony explained that money donated to the foundation by Louisiana incarcerated would also stay in the state of Louisiana to award a scholarship to a young adult who has a parent/legal guardian incarcerated or on state supervision in Louisiana.

Both staff and inmates were very excited about CCEF’s mission of helping the young adults of the incarcerated with educational opportunities and many of the inmate organizational leaders and member of various groups pledged to donate to the foundation individually and as a group. They also received a thumbs up from the Executive Staff to do fundraisers in the institution so they could immediately donate funds.

Creative Corrections Education Foundation staff would like to give a special thanks to the Louisiana Secretaries office, Wardens and institution staff on their outstanding support of the foundation. They made sure that the inmates had knowledge about the foundation prior to Anthony’s arrival to each facility. The inmates were assembled and ready for Anthony’s presentation prior to his arrival to each facility each day, which made the travel to the prisons successful and flawless. Due to the outstanding support from Louisiana DOC staff in ensuring the CCEF brochures and flyers were posted in high inmate traffic areas, showing the CCEF DVD presentation to the inmate population and personally discussing the program with the inmates, made the visit a huge success. With great support like this, the foundation will continue to succeed in reducing the incarceration rate in America making United States communities safe for all nationwide.

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