Get Involved

Creative Corrections Education Foundation CCEF – If you have a family member incarcerated or know of someone who is incarcerated, please go to the DONATE tab on this website and donate today. Every penny makes a difference. Remember, pennies lead to dollars and dollars lead to scholarships.

CCEF’s Right Path Program Beaumont – These programs help young adults in the community with financial aid to enroll in a technical college or ABC trade school.  Please go the DONATE Tab on this website and donate today.

  • Please share our website link on your social media pages so we can get everyone involved with helping these less fortunate young adults go to school instead of prison.
  • Need assistance with organizations who are interested in having fundraiser events for the foundation.
  • Donations from corporations and clubs are welcomed.
  • Need support from grant organizations to assist in funding the scholarships.
  • The public can get involved by going to the DONATE tab and make a contribution today.
  • Donors have the option of funding a scholarship in the name of a loved one.
  • Donations can be given to fund a $5,000 scholarship, a $500 scholarship or any amount you choose.
  • Donors will receive a thank you letter appropriate for IRS Charitable Giving.
  • Our progress of scholarship awards will be continually updated on our website.
  • By getting involved, your donation to help a motivated student will make a big difference for generations to come.

Let’s help motivated students choose a better future and remember “It’s cheaper to send a kid to Yale than it is to Jail.”

Creative Corrections Education Foundation is changing lives “One State At A Time.”