Nicholas – Texas ABC Training Academy

I’ll be the first to admit that in the very beginning i was apprehensive considering the obvious(age) but this has truly been an experience of a lifetime and a game changer for me. Thank you so much for the opportunity to take leaps and bounds!



Jaime – Texas ABC Training Academy

Creative Corrections Education Foundation has given me a once in a lifetime opportunity to turn my life in the right direction. After serving 24 years in prison and having no future direction, no workplace experience or training in any area. Creative Corrections Education Foundation helped me get the opportunity to go to a trade school and be trained and not be judge for my past. I am beginning a bright future thanks to this wonderful opportunity.



Chris – Texas ABC Training Academy

First off, I want to thank Mrs. Marsha and Creative Correction Education Foundation for the opportunity on taking this course. Not only did this course give me an opportunity to learn more electrical work but now I will be NCCER certified. Blessing like this program don’t come along in life often but I’m glad I took it and stuck with it for the 4 years.




Angel – Texas ABC Training Academy

I’m eternally grateful for the opportunities CCEF have afforded me. My life was leading nowhere from dead end job to dead end job, with no secure path. Trying to work retail with a felony record is extremely hard, but CCEF gave me the chance to have something under my belt that made me stand out to employers. I went for the longest course available because I wanted to take advantage of this opportunity to the fullest extent.

4 years later, and I’m so glad I soldiered through because now I’m a standout employee with a credible company. I can’t say enough good things about this foundation because they are really the tools to succeed when I thought I was down and out. I changed my life with this program, and I guarantee you can too!



Kimberly – Texas ABC Training Academy

When I first started electrical classes I started because of so many reasons. The main reason was because I wanted to do something different, I needed a change! It seemed as if before I started going to school, I kept getting in predicaments that would keep me stuck in the same spot. I helped everyone around me but when I lost my mother and brother nobody could help me. My kids needed to see a change all we had was each other with an ill help here and there. Knowing I had to remove negative people from my life, I made sure I kept myself too busy to indulge in any more nonsense. I’ve enjoyed my instructors and classmates throughout this learning experience. I thank God and my Angels for watching over us! I thank my support team who stuck around and my man for keeping me focused through it all! I thank you guys, CCEF, for making this possible!



Deondre – Texas ABC Training Academy

It is difficult to articulate how profoundly my time with Creative Corrections Education Foundation helped to shape the person I am and the decisions I have made. The education I received was spectacular and the professors at the school gave me unique and intense learning experiences in the fields of sciences, history, and the humanities, for which I am incredibly grateful. However, I am even more grateful for the critical thinking and problem‐solving skills the Company and ABC has helped me to develop. Professors constantly made me know both what I believed and made me be able to defend why, and I relied on those skills constantly throughout Carpentry school. The Company gave me the endurance to continue through challenges and the confidence to know I was fully equipped to handle whatever those challenges might be.



Cara – Texas ABC Training Academy

When I got my DWI, I went from being a public servant to a criminal. It was something I never thought would happen to me and I went through a very bad time. CCEF gave me the opportunity to turn something so negative around. It meant not everyone had written me off. My classmates that also went through this program are some of my favorite people I’ve ever met. We all supported each other, and it was a zero-judgement zone. With the way the justice system works, if it weren’t for second chance programs like this, a lot of people would give up and fall into a life of crime or end their life because they become ‘damaged goods’ and that’s simply not true. People can make mistakes and still contribute to society, graduates of CCEF program are proof of that.



Joshua – Texas ABC Training Academy

I learned about the creative corrections education foundation program from Pastor James Savoy. I never thought that I would be going back to school for anything because of my background but the program helped me make it a reality. Everything that I’m doing in life at this point is not for me it’s for my son, and joining the program gave me that extra push that I needed to help change my life. I’d like to thank the people at creative corrections education foundation for everything that you have done and are doing. People with backgrounds deserve a second chance at life and you all are the beginning of that second chance.



Gary – Texas ABC Training Academy

Since I started the CCEF program I have had better job opportunities. The confidence is the best part I know I have the right answer and not wonder if I am right.  I am more focused and pay attention to details. The teacher and staff are more than amazing. Before I got into the program I was in and out of jail and addicted to multiple drugs. In other words, completely lost. Now I have a purpose in life and a foundation to stand on for once in my life. Thank you CCEF for all you have done for me. Would not be where I am without you.



Timothy – Texas ABC Training Academy

I’m Timothy and I want to thank Marsha and CCEF for allowing me to take this course. I never thought this was possible for me being in the streets like I was just throwing my life away. Thanks to the Grace of God, I’m going on 3 years sober and never would have thought it was possible. Also want to thank my probation officer Ms. Lita Wells for heading me into the right direction because she really did and I thank her for that. Today I’m seeing goals and I’m shelving them today in my new form of life that I’m living. What changed my way of thinking was this one dude telling me; “To the world your one person but to one person you could be the world” and I thought about my kids and that has helped me so much. Also, to my mama, my dad, and to family never giving up on me that I’m blessed and could not have got to where I am today without yells sorry and for that I’m forever grateful.



DeJohn – Texas ABC Training Academy

First off, I would like to give a big thanks to God for allowing me to take advantage of this opportunity! After being condition in a criminal addictive lifestyle or behavior I’m seeing the light and it’s bright coming out of darkness the good Lord has really been blessing me. CCEF has opened a door as well for me to finally receive a trade and certification going through ABC construction school in Nederland Texas gaining credentials from NCCER as a carpenter! While being in class the instructor implements not only the duties and task of a professional carpenter but also gives you some self-help answers as well to continue to grow in life and after having to serve time for the State of Texas and the Federal government, I’m a witness and can attest that change is possible.



Colin – Texas ABC Training Academy

I thought my past defined me, but Creative Corrections Education Foundation put me through school and gave me a sense of purpose. They taught me a craft that will put food on the table and clothes on my back.  If I can do it, you can too.



DeJanelle – Arizona

This scholarship is a huge financial blessing. I am so thankful to Creative Corrections Education Foundation for this support so that I can continue to reach my goal in giving back to society as a Medical doctor. I look forward to the day in which I can be in a position to help others reach their goals as well.

Humbly grateful for this opportunity.     ~DeJa



Jeremy – Texas ABC Training Academy

At a young age I found myself addicted to drugs for 22 years.  I would have thought that if someone would just give me a chance and offer me a little help, I would be able to get my life on the right track and have a future for my life instead of getting several felonies and several trips to prison.  Feeling the same way, someone finally gave me a chance and I found that through the CCEF Foundation.  They have helped me take steps necessary to benefit my life by paying my tuition cost at ABC Training Academy and giving me the opportunity to obtain a trade certificate in carpentry and for that I am truly grateful.



Tiffany – Texas ABC Training Academy

I’d like to thank CCEF for giving me the opportunity to return to school.  I just graduated from the instrumentation program at the ABC school in Beaumont Texas.  I look forward to the new career path CCEF gave me the opportunity to pursue!



Nicholas -Texas ABC Training Academy

At ABC Training Academy, I’m in Carl Dennis Carpentry class and he has help me learn the ins and outs to the carpentry trade as well as providing instructional training on others trades. He’s a great teacher and person and he helped us learn how to read blue prints and all aspects of the carpentry trade.  I would love to work with him in the future or as employee.

I want to thank CCEF and ABC on giving me this opportunity to obtain this certification.



Destine – Texas ABC Training Academy

My name is Destine. I’m 25 years old & I got out of prison July 24th 2020.  I didn’t know what to do career wise or which direction to turn. Creative Correction Education Foundation gave me hope & a goal I was able to accomplish. Because of the program i will have not only a trade under my belt but now I believe in myself more than ever. I’m truly grateful for the program and everything they do for the community. It truly is a great place to attend trade school. The teachers care about you and want to see you succeed. I want to thank CCEF and ABC for this wonderful opportunity. I am going to pursue a career in Industrial Carpentry. It’s been a great year. Can’t wait to see what the future holds now!



Jarious – Texas ABC Training Academy

I am so grateful to be in Carpentry at the ABC Training Academy. It is a phenomenal class and atmosphere to learn in. I could definitely see my self doing this once I have graduated and probably being the best at it. Thank you CCEF for providing me the financial aid for this trade class.



Kameron – Texas ABC Training Academy

Hello, my name is Kameron Richardson, I’m writing this testimonial to let you know how much this opportunity has helped me out. It has given me a chance to expand my education and learn new things. It has been able to keep me out of trouble and focus on a dependable and bright future. I will have a career and a trade under my belt, and I am very proud of the man I am becoming and will be after the program. Thank you. 



Ben – Texas ABC Training Academy

Hello. My name is Ben and I’m  writing   in regards to the the awesome opportunity I was granted to attend the Scaffold Builder NCCER program.

Thanks to Creative Corrections Education Foundation and Sponsors there is hope left for not only a career, but also a strong sense of accomplishment and important character developments necessary for the future trades men and women of tomorrow. Thank you for the  opportunity and support , it is greatly appreciated.



Adrian – Texas ABC Training Academy

Creative Correction Education foundation , has not only given me a chance to obtain an applicable skill for today’s work force in Scaffold Builder but has elevated the standard of life for myself and my family by sponsoring me through their program.

I went to prison at 16 years old and got out at the age of 41, terrified, because the few things I did learn while incarcerated were either obsolete or had huge barriers because of my record…this program did more than alleviate my fears. It is helping me usher my dreams of providing for myself and the family I’m building. I will forever be thankful.



Darrell – Texas ABC Training Academy

The Scaffold Builder major I have chosen is very important to me because I can see myself pushing even harder on my career path. As I grew up I was taught in order for a man to become a man he has to learn how to provide for himself. Just knowing that I will succeed in everything after the knowledge, hard work, and dedication.

I was taught so much that I didn’t know in this course that it  put me in a better place knowing that I will be able to do my best. I will not fail myself or the people who helped me along the way. I will be that man that started from the bottom and made it to the top.



Damion – Texas ABC Training Academy

I have enjoyed my Scaffold Builder classes. I have accomplished one of my lifetime goals through the help of my teachers and my classmates. I have given my all everyday I attended, also I plan to take full advantage with the next phase in life. I wish my classmates as well as the ABC school further success!



Darius – Texas ABC Training Academy

This opportunity has provided me a great experience and have opened many doors to employment. MY teachers in the Scaffold Builder class were great and incredible.  Thank you CCEF for this opportunity you have given me.



Shawntelle – ABC Training Academy

I want to thank Creative Corrections Education Foundation and ABC Training Academy staff for giving me this opportunity to earn a trade certificate because this opportunity came at the right time in my life.

I did not have any work or career plans going on at the time so when I heard about CCEF and ABC Training Academy, I signed up for scaffolding. I graduated with a scaffold certificate, thanks to an awesome instructor at ABC (Zayne). The instructor encouraged me to complete the course and his teaching abilities made me want to work towards doing better for myself by graduating.

Now I can look forward to new beginnings for me as a single mom and my three children.




Alfonso – Texas ABC Training Academy

Thank you Creative Corrections Education Foundation for the great opportunity you afforded me to become a certified Carpenter at the ABC Training Academy. This qualification has made a proud and better person. Thanks again CCEF and ABC instructors!



Marvin – Texas ABC Training Academy

First off, thank you, your team, and everyone else included, in the event of giving me a fighting chance at a better life. I’ve successfully completed my scaffold building course. I’ve also learned through the CORE class, how to add, subtract, multiply, and divide fractions. These are all things I could not grasp in high school.

I am now, a very qualified scaffold builder. You, your staff, & my instructors, made all of this possible, by taking a chance on me, as well as giving me a chance for major changes.

I am forever thankful. I am also looking forward to continuous enrollment & completion, if possible. I thank you Creative Corrections Education Foundation and ABC Training Academy!



Nakkeya – Texas ABC Training Academy

This opportunity has given me much needed motivation to be a successful man and helped me stay in a positive mindset. Thank you Creative Corrections Education Foundation and ABC Training Academy.



Zachary – Texas ABC Training Academy

If you ever get a second chance in life for something,  you’ve got to go all the way. There’s nothing as exciting as a comeback. Having dreams, failing at them, and getting a second chance is such a rewarding feeling. At any given moment, life can surprise us with another chance, giving as the possibility to try something one more time to recreate yourself anew and to start again.

That’s what Creative Corrections has given me. When all hope was gone, the door opened from this program, and my life has changed drastically. Before this great opportunity, I felt it was a complete  waste of time to fill out job applications. ” Have you ever been convicted of a crime? ” was a question that made me certain I would automatically be disqualified. To lie would be dishonest, and result in later termination.

All I wanted was to be a productive member of society. When this great opportunity came along, it gave me what I lost long ago. I had self-doubt, hopelessness and desperation. After researching the program and courses, I met Marsha, 10 minutes into our very transparent conversation, I knew she understood me, and made me look at my mistakes, in a whole new light. A lot of people sympathize with you, but she empathizes with me, and that made a whole world of difference.

Creative Corrections Education Foundation staff and ABC instructors have helped to mold me into a new creator. With much prayer, I believe in me again. Without this door opening with Creative Corrections Education Foundation, I honestly don’t know where I’d be.

I thank GOD every day for these great people who have me an opportunity to try something again, after failing. Thank you,  Creative Corrections Education Foundation.



George – Texas ABC Training Academy

This opportunity has given me a chance to prosper and advance in my career field. This chance has allowed my circumstance to be favorable for attainment of my goal for a successful career. It is said that anything worth having is worth fighting for. This opportunity is the fight for me. Thank you CCEF! 



Ricky – Texas ABC Training Academy

I would love to give my respect & thanks to Creative Corrections Education Foundation and ABC Training Academy for giving me the opportunity to learn and advance in my life and career. My instructor (Mr. Carl Dennis) & supervisor Mr. Kenneth has been outstanding with teaching & understanding that we all go through things in life. They have never let me down in this journey I have chosen.

There has been plenty of times that I’ve wanted to give up but when I was reminded of the great potential I have, and in front of me, it inspired me to keep pushing forward. I am excited and proud of myself for graduating.

I thank CCEF and ABC for everything they have done for me. I am so thankful for this program that I am taking another trade. I Can’t wait for my next journey!



Jeremy – Texas ABC Training Academy

This ABC trade class has allowed for me to have an opportunity to not only be qualified for a better job, it has given me more job options and a brighter future.

Every morning I look at my children with pride and gusto knowing I am becoming a better me, while they look at me with love and knowing it was all for them. Thank you Creative Corrections Education Foundation.



Jeremy – Texas ABC Training Academy

This ABC trade class helped me to better myself as a better man for my 4 kids. A chance to show them life don’t end when you make mistakes.

Thank you Creative Corrections Education Foundation from me and my family.



Nicholas – Texas ABC Training Academy

First let me start of by thanking god for making all this possible and giving me another chance to get my life together.  I also want to thank the great people at creative corrections for giving me the opportunities to learn new trades.

When I was released from prison, I knew what I wanted to do but didn’t know how I was going to do it until I went to a class at the parole office one morning where I met Marsha.  Marsha was a nice lady who came to the class to speak and offer us a chance to develop skills to possibly use in the near future.  I couldn’t believe what I was hearing someone was actually going to pay for me to receive these training skills.

I’m so glad I went to the class that morning because now I’m a certified scaffold builder and three years from now I’ll be a certified electrician thanks to creative corrections. This has helped me get through days knowing something good will come from all this in the end.  

Thank you, Creative Corrections Education Foundation.  



Crystal – Texas ABC Training Academy

Creative Corrections Education Foundation has helped me gather vital information that will help me succeed in life as a single mother of 2 girls. It has helped me grow in my knowledge about the scaffold building industry, in which I intend on making a career out of.

This class is an entry way for me to be able to become more stable in the financial part of my life. I work in fast food right now but I will soon be on my way to a better job in the scaffold building industry. Thank you Creative Corrections Education Foundation for this opportunity to help me better myself for my girls. 



Kelly – Texas ABC Training Academy

I would like to thank Marsha Pitzer-Rivera and Creative Corrections Education Foundation for the opportunity to better myself with these classes. I have been struggling with addiction most of my adult life and with that came the consequences of being in and out of jail and prisons.

When I heard about Creative Corrections Education Foundation while still in the half way house, I was so excited. It gave me hope for a successful future as long as I do my part and put in the work and effort. Today I have over 6 years sober and I graduate scaffolding. The sky is the limit as long as I stay on the right path.



Israel – Texas ABC Training Academy

I am very grateful for the opportunity that has been given to me to advance myself in a career. The trades that I have acquired can help me tremendously in the aspect of receiving and advancing in employment. Thank you for the opportunity that you guys have given me, thank you for a successful career.



Lee – Texas ABC Training Academy

I recently got released from federal prison on June 25, 2019.  I did 23 years and 8 months in places that I would not wish upon my worst enemy. I’ve heard countless tales of how hard it is once a person gets released from prison. Most of these tales ends up with that person going back to jail.  But I am determined to not ever step foot into that place again. It was hard at first.  I wanted to do so many things so fast.  But my main objective was to get a job and get educated so I can be a good candidate for a better job in the future. I have accomplished that.  

With the help of Marsha Pitzer and her creative corrections education foundation team, I have the education to start my life over again.  I went to the Texas Workforce and was told that a lady was up there enquiring about candidates for free school. Without any hesitation I called her and was in class in less than two weeks. In  less than four months I am certified in NCCER’S Construction Site Safety Orientation, Core Curriculum, Basic Rigging, Carpentry Level One, Core Curriculum: Introductory Craft Skills, Scaffolding, and Construction Craft Laborer Level One.

With this type of education, I feel I can make in any refinery and do the job I was taught to do.  So much thanks to Marsha Pitzer and her Creative Corrections Education Foundation team.  I owe it all to you CCEF.



Sumer – Texas ABC Training Academy

My name is Sumer and I am 37 years old. I am from Winnie Texas, and just this past June I was released from prison with 4 years of parole. Most of my adult life I have struggled with addiction due to some tragedies I have gone through. I didn’t graduate from high school, but I did obtain my GED when I was incarcerated before. Even though I have had several jobs, I never really had a sense of direction. When I was recently at the Melton center, I discovered creative corrections. Words cannot describe how grateful I am of this place. No questions asked, and only one form filled out, they paid for me to go to school.

I am a single mother of 5 children. Money for me to even consider going to school on my own was out of the question. After today I will be a certified scaffold builder, and I plan on enrolling next semester for instrumentation. That’s a 3-year course, but I know where I’m headed now. My life finally has a direction. The feeling of accomplishment and success are almost overpowering, and I can’t remember the last time I have been so proud of myself.

I refuse to let my past define me. I know now what kind of positive role model I can be for my children. With so many good things going my way, god on my side, and the help of Ms. Marsha Pitter at creative corrections I know the sky is the limit. Finally, I won’t have just a job, But an actual career. I can only pray that my testimony will reach out to someone else who knows the struggle and maybe inspire them to want to do something similar. The grass really is greener on this side.

Thank you and God Bless



Robert – Texas ABC Training Academy

Thanks for the awesome opportunity to come into your program (CCEF & ABC) and complete it with all the hard work and dedication I’ve put into this program. It’s really a blessing to me. Thanks again for everything! I’m in route to becoming the next best Instrumentation Tech!!!



Kendrick – Texas ABC Training Academy

I have completed the course and really enjoyed doing it. It was very informative and provided so much knowledgeable tips that I will need in the career field that I will be pursuing.

With this course I will be applying the appropriate training in the workplace. It was important for me to complete the course do to the fact that I have changed my whole life for the better.

In addition, I never knew there were such programs out there for me to get into with a background such as mine. I was always under the impression that only people with perfect backgrounds get this kind of assistance offered to them. I just want to say thanks to Marsha Pitzer – Rivera and the rest of the Creative Corrections Education Foundation family for taking out the time to help me get several credentials under my belt for my career field. 



Kaleb – Texas ABC Training Academy

CCEF has gifted me with an amazing opportunity, and I will be forever grateful. Thanks to them, I am now a skilled Certified Carpenter, which has opened doors for a new career and a brighter future. In addition, I also have a Trade that I can use for the rest of my life and pass on to my son.



Rickidra – Texas ABC Training Academy

It’s truly been a blessing by this opportunity! Thanks so much Creative Corrections Education Foundation for giving me this chance to do something positive for myself that can elevate me in my employment and knowledge. I will take this certification apply it to any job that I can make lots of money. Scaffold Builder graduate.



Ah’Ceon – Texas ABC Training Academy

This experience attending class at ABC school has helped me, it has positioned me to gain more work experience and grow greater interest in my field of study. The experience alone has provided me with a broad ray of opportunity. Now I will be able to pay my child support at a more rapid rate and I am very thankful for that. More helpful to others too. Thank you CCEF.



Charles – Texas ABC Training Academy

Creative Corrections Education Foundation has me an exciting opportunity to better the lives of my family and myself. Thank you CCEF.



Kali – Texas ABC Training Academy

My name is Kali. I am 31 years old and have been in a life rut for the past couple years. I went to prison and when I got out, I went to Creative Corrections Education Foundation where Marsha Pitzer helped me get signed up and enrolled in the ABC training school. It has helped me in so many ways. But the main one is that she helped me believe in myself again and told me don’t give up on myself because of my past. Scaffold Builder graduate.



Jasmine – Texas ABC Training Academy

I appreciate this opportunity to take this class. I enjoyed learning new things and I am very happy that I know how to build a Scaffold now. Thank you, Creative Corrections Education Foundation for giving me this opportunity and believing in me.



Enedina – Texas ABC Training Academy

I appreciate this opportunity. I will take full advantage of this. Thank you CCEF. Scaffold Builder graduate.



April – Texas ABC Training Academy

Thank you, Marsha Pitzer/CCEF. I appreciate the opportunity to make me a more productive person through your program. I feel that the real world will take me seriously now, and through this program, I have learned that I am valued. Carpentry graduate.



Marcos – Texas ABC Training Academy

My name is Marcos and I went to Creative Corrections Education Foundation for help looking for a job. They offered me a great opportunity when they suggested I take a class at ABC school. I was looking for simple work to make ends meet. They went far beyond what I had hoped for and offered me a future that I could not imagined. I came looking for a job, they offered me a new life. Creative Corrections Education Foundation is a dream come true. I can’t thank them enough for a new life. Scaffold Builder graduate.



Shawncella – Texas ABC Training Academy    CCEF offers great opportunities for one of the largest minority groups in America to give back to their community and continue to prove to be productive citizens. I thank CCEF for the chance to have a better life for me and my family. Sometimes all a person needs are a helping hand.



November 2019 CCEF & Associated Builders & Contractor (ABC) Training Academy Scaffold class graduates with CCEF Program Administrator Marsha Pitzer (2nd back row).



November 2019 CCEF & Associated Builders & Contractor (ABC) Training Academy Carpentry class graduates with CCEF Program Administrator Marsha Pitzer (2nd back row).



Alexis – Ohio

I just want to thank Creative Corrections Education Foundation for providing financial aid towards my college tuition.  Their generosity helped me tremendously which allowed me to finish school and receive a degree.



Meona – Ohio

I just wanted to thank you Creative Corrections Education Foundation for the scholarship. I am truly honored. Again, Thank you. 



Courtney – Texas

Receiving a scholarship from the Creative Corrections Education Foundation has tremendously helped me, and because of it, I am one step closer to graduating from college. 

Being raised by a single mother for most of my life has been very challenging when it comes to finances. Luckily, my mom has always and continues to provide a roof over my head and other important necessities that I wouldn’t have if it weren’t for her. Although she provides my necessities doesn’t mean she can afford $8,000 a semester to put me through college— and this is the problem. 

My dad has been in prison for 13 years and counting. Not having financial support from him has taken a toll on both, me and my mother. 

Going to college for me has always been an opportunity to learn, grow, and be educated enough to create a better life for me and my family. I’ve had many scares where I didn’t know if I’d be able to finish school because of how expensive it is, but by the grace of God foundations like CCEF has blessed me with a scholarship to help obliviate those worries. 

This means so much to me. 

Thank you



Miranda – Texas ABC Training Academy

I took the Construction Site Carpentry class in June 2018, I graduated August 16, 2018. I was nervous and overwhelmed at first about jumping into something new and that was in the industrial field, but I completed the class and graduated. When I graduated, I struggled finding a job for 3 months and I was turned down for plenty of jobs due to my past, but GOD blessed me with my dream job in Westlake Louisiana at the LACC unit in Scaffolding, so I’m blessed. Thanks to Creative Corrections Education Foundation, Lamar Port Arthur, and ABC (Associated Builders and Contractors) for giving me this opportunity. So never give up your dreams. Dream big and keep pushing. I am a living witness.



Jamie – New York

I like to thank you for awarding me $1,000.00 to help me pay for my college education. This money will be used for college tuition, housing, books, travel fees, and expenses for my labs. Currently, I am trying to obtain my bachelor’s in science. I am currently entering my senior year at Ramapo College and will be graduating with a BSN to become a registered nurse. I hope to enter grad school in the fall 2020 to obtain my master’s in nursing and become a nurse practitioner.



Rodney – Texas ABC Training Academy

I would like to give thanks for giving a person like me a chance at a new start at life by putting me through a program that might not only better my life but change it for the good.  I came a long way from selling drugs and I believe Creative Corrections Education Foundation will help to continue my growth and success in life.  I would like to thank Ms. Marsha, Mr. Carl , Mr. Juan and the rest of the crew at ABC as well.  Much love and God bless!



Ordell – Texas ABC Training Academy

I have learned from my past it has made me a better person and I have pushed myself to do things I thought I could never do. I achieved so much out of life and I attend ABC school for construction carpentry. I never seen myself doing anything like this but thanks to the staff at  CCEF and ABC school who stuck by my side and told me I can do better and I don’t need alcohol in my life.



Dominic – Texas ABC Training Academy

I would like to give thanks to Creative Corrections Education Foundation & ABC school for giving me a chance at bettering myself in my life by putting me through this program. I came a long way from selling drugs to doing good and still I’m growing and the help I got here I will better my life in total so in saying, I would like to thank Ms. Marsha, Mr. Carl , Mr. Juan,  and the rest of the staff at A.B.C…. MUCH LOVE & GOD BLESS



Latoya – Texas ABC Training Academy

Hello, my name is Latoya Johnson, and proud to offer my recommendation of the ABC program. I’ve been in the class for a few weeks now studying to be a carpenter, rigger and scaffolder. The instructors and staff have been great, and the learning process has been an adventure. Hands-on experience makes it so much easier as well. No one has been left behind; literally. Thanks to Mr. Carl Dennis he was amazing and has made a huge impact on my life!



Erica – Texas ABC Training Academy

I am so grateful for the opportunity afforded me. The instructors are knowledgeable and willing to help in any way needed. A special thanks to CCEF Marsha, Mr. Dennis, Mr. Alexis and Mr. Kenneth. 



Michael – Texas ABC Training Academy

I am taking advantage of the trades here at Associated Builders and Contractors. The programs not only teach you skilled work credentials, but they also help those in search of another chance to not only succeed but achieve in life.



Patrick – Arizona

Thank you to everyone at CCEF who helped me obtain the $1,000 scholarship! This money is a bit of relief and will help make attending my University more affordable.



Derek – Arizona

I am so appreciative for receiving this scholarship. It has been a struggle getting through college financially. My mom really wanted to be able to help in some way and now I can tell her she did. I will be using the money to put toward tuition.

Thanks again!




Angelina – Arizona

I would like to say how thankful and grateful I am to everyone at the Creative Corrections Education Foundation. I am starting at a community college and I am excited and fell more secure because of the financial help I have received. This scholarship is another step to help me succeed and get me further in my medical career. Due to the foundation’s mission and kindness, I believe they have helped me gain even more support and motivation to pursue my educational goals.

I am truly appreciative of what the foundation has done for me and many others. The foundation helped secure a hopeful future.



Michael – Texas ABC Training Academy

My name is Michael. I’ve greatly enjoyed the opportunity to do something greater to strive for something better. Thanks, CCEF so much!



Terrence – Texas ABC Training Academy

I want to start off by saying how I appreciate the opportunity the CCEF has given me. I’ve been given an opportunity to better myself & learn a craft that I’ll have forever. Before the program I really wasn’t sure what I wanted to do, but the program has given me many options to choose from that would be best for me. Over these past few months I’ve really been able to focus & learn my craft. The craft I chose is perfect for me, my class really allows me to be hands on & experience it firsthand. Thank you once again for this opportunity you have given me. Now with the knowledge I have a lot of other opportunities are in my future. I wouldn’t be able to have achieved this without this program & the people who helped me along the way. I can’t wait to start my new career as a carpenter.



Julian – Ohio

“One of the greatest challenges in attending college has been the financial burden placed on my grandparents. My grandmother chose to stay home from work when we came to live with them, and my grandfather works for a non-profit homeless shelter, so his income is lower than many others.  My sister is also in college, so the burden on my grandparents is significant. The CCEF scholarship has greatly relieved that financial burden. I am not sure that I would be able to attend college without the help of the scholarship from CCEF. Thank you very much.”  



Maryanne – New York

I just want to take a moment and thank Creative Corrections Education Foundation on awarding me a scholarship to attend college. CCEF’s support has definitely helped me financially to achieve my higher education goal.



Sha’Mia – Ohio

The CCEF foundation helped me continue on to my sophomore year of my college career I am very thankful for this organization. 



Paris – Missouri

This scholarship would be a great help to me in a few different ways. I am currently in school and I am paying for it independently. My foster parents do not help financial for my school. Also, during the summers I work but it is only for about 3 and a half months so that makes it challenging to make all that I need. I am in my junior year and then after that one more year to follow and I will graduate. This is a big goal for me especially for the circumstances I was brought up in. I want to say thank you for this organization and how it helps others in similar situations. Thank you for your time and consideration. 



Tenaya – New York

My name is Tenaya and I have been blessed with a scholarship from the Creative Corrections Education Foundation. Growing up without my father has been the toughest thing to handle. As a child I always missed out on father-daughter activities because mine was incarcerated. Despite our growing relationship through phone calls and letters, I can’t help but wonder how my life would’ve been growing up if he was here throughout. I am currently pursuing my Bachelors of Social Work from the University of Texas at Austin, in hopes that I can help children like me cope with such difficulties and troubled youth like my father started out as. With this award, CCEF has given me the extra push that I need to achieve my goal.

Once I achieve it, I hope to give back to others just as CCEF has given to me. I am greatly appreciative of the Creative Corrections Education Foundation for believing in me despite my circumstances.



Jada – New York

As a recipient of the Creative Correction Education Foundation Scholarship, I’m guaranteed in year 2020 a bachelor’s degree in Nursing with a minor in Education. It is because of this scholarship some of my college tuition will not be a burden to my “single parent” functioning household while my father is imprisoned. I will continue to make my mother, father, family, friends and now the Creative Correction Education Scholarship Committee proud of me. Thank you, Creative Corrective Education Foundation for investing in my future.



Izayah – New York

Thank you for awarding me with the scholarship! The scholarship will help pay for my books and some of my tuition. It will also help take some pressure off my mother and myself while I am trying to pay for school. I am very thankful for this and will put it to great use.



Shamar – Texas ABC Training Academy

The ABC Training Academy program is truly a step forward in life. It’s free it’s legit and easy. A trade in this point in my life is a true accomplishment and I just want to thank Ms. Marsha and CCEF for everything they have done for me.



Tyler – Texas ABC Training Academy

The ABC Training Academy program has helped me gain knowledge in a trade so I can work.  I will be able to have employment to provide for myself and my family.  I am learning to build scaffolds, safety procedures for the work environment and much more.  All training needed t build scaffolds.  After this training program is completed, I will be able to go to work with plenty of knowledge on the job.



Gilda – Texas ABC Training Academy

My experience at ABC Training Academy has been a true blessing thanks to CCEF. It’s has provided me with new job skills to earn a better income.



Parrish – Texas ABC Training Academy

I thank God for the opportunity to learn a trade at the ABC Training Academy and also Creative Corrections Education Foundation for giving me a second chance in life. it was a real help in my life because I was slowly going downhill and if it wasn’t for you guys, I would have lost hope. Thank you😁



Cynthia – Texas ABC Training Academy

Thank you CCEF so much for paying the tuition for my classes at the ABC Training Academy.  This has given me the confidence that I needed to show myself that I don’t have to settle for a women’s job of $7.25 an hour.  I am learning so much at ABC Training Academy and again, I am truly grateful so thank you CCEF.

Trenton – Texas ABC Training Academy

It has been a big blessing to be able to gain a trade certification.  CCEF has opened doors for me to be able to not only survive but to be able to better take care of my family.  Soon after I graduate, I will take another trade and plan on starting a business with my family in the near future.

Chance – Texas ABC Training Academy

This was a blessing in disguise because it gave me the opportunity to further my education.  Going to prison was a knockdown  in my life or rather a setback.  Getting out of prison and looking for a job with a felony is not easy, it takes time.  Creative Corrections Education Foundation presented me the  chance to be able to be a provider for my family and to be a productive citizen in my community.  This is a great program and Associated Builders & Contractors Training Academy has great teachers who are willing to take time to teach you the trade you need.  I thank God for this CCEF program, ABC school and the founders of this great program.

Rudy – Texas ABC Training Academy

This has been a great opportunity for me that CCEF has provided me with a chance to better myself by learning something I can make a career out of and take care of my family, obtaining a trade certificate at Associated Builders & Contractors Training Academy.  I wouldn’t be able to pay for these classes and I am highly grateful and thankful for CCEF for helping me better myself.  Scaffold is a good job and I’ll be able to provide a good living for me and my family, so thank you.



Jasmine – Texas

My name is Jasmine and by the grace of GOD I have been blessed to receive a scholarship from Creative Corrections Education Foundation. Growing up was a struggle. I did not have a normal childhood. There were times that I did not have all the necessities I needed. My family was homeless and at times we didn’t know where our next meal was going to come from. Both my parents struggled with addiction. I witnessed domestic violence. All of these circumstances came with a price and as a result my grades fell. My mother was incarcerated when I was eight years old. From then on my grandparents took on the task of raising me. My father also helped too when he could. Through all the heartaches and struggles, I have learned many things, but the most important is that times of struggle too shall pass. I graduated with my Associates Degree from Tarrant County College and currently in my first semester of nursing school. Creative Corrections Education Foundation has shined a light and opened my eyes to a secondary passion. I am currently working with Texas Representatives to create a grant for students with incarcerated parents to achieve a post-secondary education, so that they too can have a chance at life and be successful.



Chris – Wisconsin

My name is Chris and I attend Bethany Lutheran College. I have received three scholarships from CCEF thus far and it has made a huge difference and has had an amazing impact on my college experience. Going to a private school and all, things can get pretty expensive, and you can find yourself on the borrowing end of the spectrum rather quickly. However, with the scholarship I have received from the Creative Corrections Education Foundation, I have been able to get the things I need to be successful while attending Bethany Lutheran College. I am truly grateful of the help I have received from the Creative Corrections Education Foundation. It has affected my college experience greatly!



Caleb – Texas

Education is a priority in our family and i’ve always planned to attend college but I just wasn’t sure how I would be able to afford it. My family has faced some financial challenges over the past few years and things are really tight. I’m so thankful my mom saw Mr. Pitzer on television one night. The Creative Corrections Education Foundation scholarship was a tremendous help in financing my college education. Honestly, without the scholarship, I would not have been able to attend Jarvis Christian College and pursue my education!



Anna – Alabama

“I am so excited and thankful to be attending Baylor University. My enrollment here would not have been possible without the kindness of many generous persons. In particular, I am grateful for the scholarship I received from the Creative Corrections Education Foundation. These funds are helping to provide for my tuition as I study and prepare to be a Student Minister. I have heard God’s call upon my life and have dedicated myself to a vocation of helping and guiding young people. Though I have only been in college for a few weeks, I have already encountered many rich experiences that are helping to shape me for a lifetime.”



Tyral – Texas

It’s a blessing and an honor to have received this award from Creative Corrections Education Foundation. It’s helped lift some weight off of me of wondering where and how I would find the financial help to get through school in the 2014-2015 year. I thank you all very much God is good all the time.



Holly – Ohio

I am attending school at Johnson and Wales University in Charlotte, North Carolina. I am from Garrettsville, Ohio. My college is 8 hours away from my house. I have wanted to attend a school that I will be able to get better education in corporate accounting. I am planning on going to Johnson and Wales University for the next 4 years and getting my bachelors degree. With receiving this scholarship from Creative Corrections Education Foundation, I am going to reach my goals with going to college to further my education.



Natalie – Minnesota

When I began applying to colleges, I was fearful. Fearful about whether or not I would be accepted. Fearful about how I would manage. Fearful about how I would pay for my education on my own. Growing up in a single parent household, with the umbrella of my father’s mistakes shading everything we did was distressing. I started losing hope in ever having a future beyond what my parents provided. Creative Corrections Education Foundation changed that mindset and gave me hope. Besides the very generous monetary support I received for my education, CCEF showed me they believed in my abilities that I was worth the effort and for that type of commitment to me, I will be eternally grateful.



Elizabeth – Texas

I had received good financial aid from Texas Lutheran University, but I was still struggling to come up with the money I still owe, for the school year. When I received the email about the scholarship from Creative Corrections Education Foundation, it was like a blessing, knowing I can keep dreaming of one day becoming a doctor.



Billy Joe – South Carolina

This scholarship has helped me continue to strive to rise above by giving me the last bit of scholarship that I was missing for my senior year. Each year I’ve applied for scholarships that give them based on academic merit, personal hardship, and need in order to fill the slight void that I have left over from other scholarships and personal investment ability. The Creative Corrections Education Foundation scholarship has also brought about a slight sense of relief from my father, since something positive has become of this nightmare of his called prison. Moreover, other parents in the same facility as my father are becoming increasingly excited at the opportunity to have their children apply for this opportunity. Long story short, this not only helped me pay for and finish my undergraduate education, but it also raised the morale of my father and other prisoners because of the ability to help their children at a time in their lives when it is nearly impossible to do so.



Marshae – Ohio

Hello. I am thankful for the scholarship that I received from the Creative Corrections Education Foundation. I am so much closer to my dream to become a nurse because of the help they have given me. I work harder because I know there are people who believe in me and want to see me achieve my goals. Since I received the scholarship I have everything I need to finish the school year great. All my books and classes are paid for in full and I graduate very soon. This was a gift from Creative Corrections Education Foundation and also my mother who has been incarcerated for 10 years. She feels she hasn’t or couldn’t do anything to help me but this has made my future become brighter and once she is released from prison I will be established so she will never have to be in a situation like this. Thanks



Letter from an incarcerated father to his son

Dear Son,
Today we begin the second year of my prison term. I say ‘we’ because my incarceration impacts your life, your sister and your mother too. I think of you every day and wish things were different. What I want you to know is that your life can be different from the one I chose. Everything is possible with a focus on your dreams and hard, honest work.
I just got back from the chow hall this morning and have a few minutes to send you a note before I have to be back to work in the dish room. Believe me, cleaning pots and pans is no walk in the park. Yesterday around 2:00 PM, there was a disturbance on the recreation yard and the institution went to lock down status until this morning. With the excitement of you graduating from high school, I couldn’t tell anyone or share the happiness I’m experiencing because a group of Gang Members decided to settle their differences violently.
That means there will be no visitors for a while so I will repeat my days just like today:
* There is no privacy; I share my cell, the unit bathroom and even the TV with other men
* Wake up time is 6 am no matter what
* I eat what is served and when I am scheduled
* One hour a day is recreation
* Five times a day I must stand at attention to be counted by the correctional officer
But the hardest part of all this for me is not being able to be with you all the time, everyday.
You once asked me what I wanted the most when I’m released back to society and I have spent some time thinking about your question. As you know I have five more years before I complete this sentence. The only thing I want is for my son to have a college degree. I have spoken to my Unit Manager and Counselor and they have agreed to help me look for grants or financial aid to assist in you going to college. The decisions I have made in the past have led me to this facility, no one is to blame but myself. I can’t imagine my son going thru the same daily routine that I am forced to do.
I love you and have to get to work, hope to see you next month when visiting is opened back up.
P.S. Remember the phrase our pastor used to say? ” Don’t be afraid of greatness”. You have greatness in you son and everyday I believe in you and what you accomplish.



Taylor – Texas

I just want to take the time to thank the organization of Creative Corrections Education Foundation for the scholarship I have been awarded for the fall of 2014. Coming to school here at Stephen F. Austin State University, I came on a pretty low budget. I could barely get the books I wanted in time for classes and other school related things but the scholarship award help me a lot financially. Not only did this scholarship help me with my school supplies but I was also able to join one of the greatest fraternities in the nation where I’ve met some of my closest friends and that is something to really be thankful for. I am truly blessed to have received this award and I will put it to good use! Thank you!



Mikeah – Texas

My name is Mikeah and I received a scholarship from the Creative Corrections Education Foundation. This award has helped me in such an amazing way. Attending college is an expensive thing to do. This scholarship has helped with my fees for books I needed for classes. Not only has it help financially but it has helped me emotionally. There was a shirt that I received in the mail from the foundation reading, “It is easier to build strong children, than to repair broken men. ” I love this shirt and these words, I agree very strongly with what it says and represents. I have a lot of thanks and appreciation to give to this foundation.



Nathalie – New York

The Creative Corrections Education Foundation scholarship has helped me tremendously this semester. I had lost my tuition assistance last year and was working two jobs yet still struggling to pay for school. Neither of my parents are able to help me pay for school as my father was recently released from prison and had no job and my mother can barely afford to take care of my three younger siblings. Over the summer break, before finding out that I won the scholarship, I was working more hours to try and save money to pay for school. Then I became sick and missed over a month and a half of work and lost my second job in the process. I was worried that I was not going to be able to finish my last year of school after working so hard and being so close to graduating. I was overwhelmed with my financial obligations and over an unknown illness that was holding me back from finishing school. Winning the scholarship raised my spirits immensely and gave me hope that I will be able to finish school this academic year even though it was a difficult time. My illness may still be unknown to me but I do know that stress makes it worse, but now I will have one of my major stressors resolved and that is all thanks to a wonderful scholarship.



Kris- Texas

My name Kristopher and by the grace of God I have received a scholarship from the Creative Corrections Education Foundation. Since I can remember, my family has always had problems with finances. It has only been my mother and I for the past 19 years. I was born in Wichita Falls, Texas and raised in Grapevine, TX. I attended Grapevine High School and was accepted to the University of Texas at Austin; however, I chose to attend the University of North Texas. I have never regretted my decision due to this being a part of God’s plan. At, UNT, I have become an active member of numerous organizations and honor societies based on high GPAs and pre-health professions. Most notably, I am an active member of Beta Upsilon Chi, a national Christian fraternity. This scholarship will aid me on my path towards finishing my Bachelor’s in Biology and going on to complete medical school here in Texas. Furthermore, this scholarship will help me fulfill my dream in graduating without any kind of debt.



Ashley – Ohio

Receiving a scholarship from Creative Corrections Education Foundation really meant a lot to me! That has helped me with books, supplies, and even gas money to get me to college. I don’t know how I would of got that stuff if it was not for that scholarship. I currently am in my second semester and that scholarship helped me get as far as I am now in college. When I wrote this paper to this scholarship committee I didnt think I would be chosen however, a person will never know unless they try. Thanks again for the scholarship which helped me get through my first semester of college toward my register nursing license.



Aisha – Kentucky

My father has been incarcerated most of my life and has not been able to provide any financial support. I come from a single parent household and my mother has struggled to ensure we have what we need. Securing the monies needed for college has been a challenge. The Creative Corrections Education Foundation scholarship has helped decrease the amount I owed to fund my college expenses. I appreciate being awarded a scholarship from CCEF.



Justin – Ohio

The Creative Corrections Education Foundation scholarship is going to allow me to achieve my goal of going to college and graduating. This helps me out being that I am in a financial restraint due to me reducing my work hours so I can attend college. Receiving the scholarship means I can complete my higher education and reach my ultimate goal. Thank you Creative Corrections Education Foundation for the opportunity and I am greatly appreciative for the scholarship award.



Kenyon – Texas

College is a dream for me. But the nightmare of all the horror stories about being in debt behind student loans is something that frightens me the most. I’d like the opportunity to come out of college and start my life without the bondage of debt from student loans. With the help of The Creative Correction Scholarship Foundation, they will help make it possible. Many kids/youth have unfortunate situation that many people may not know about. Everyone has a story. My mother has been incarcerated my entire high school career; and that was something that was hard for me to get past. But all I can do now is try to make her proud. I don’t have rich parents who can pay for my education, but why should that limit me? I’m going to continue to push forward, and make the best of my life. Starting with college, and I would like to that the CCEF for helping make it possible!