Percy H. Pitzer, Founder/President of the Board

Percy Pitzer has over 30 years of correctional leadership experience including Senior Warden at Minimum, Medium and High security level facilities.  Percy worked his way through the system beginning as a Corrections Officer with the Federal Bureau of Prisons before retiring after a successful professional career. 

Upon retirement he accepted a position as Warden in the private sector where he was instrumental in introducing a number of innovative and advanced prison reform initiatives that are still in practice.  Percy earned national awards in the community service and cost reduction areas.  He has a comprehensive knowledge of Federal, State and private corrections operation and management. 

Early on in his career it became very obvious to him that a seriously at risk group of young people were the children of the incarcerated. In March, 2012 Percy and his wife Sununt founded Creative Corrections Education Foundation (CCEF) and the Foundation was granted 501(c)(3) status from the IRS on June 25, 2012.

The purpose of the Foundation is to provide educational opportunities to children of the incarcerated. 

Anthony Haynes, Executive Director

In February 1982, Anthony started his Law Enforcement career with the United States Air Force as a Police Officer.  He served our Nation for ten (10) years and received an honorable discharge in July 1992 after returning from the Gulf War, completing a military mission in operation “Desert Storm”. 

He continued his Law Enforcement career with the Department of Justice Bureau of Prisons and worked at ten (10) Bureau of Prisons facilities before retiring on December 31, 2013 as a Senior Executive Service Warden at the Federal Correctional Complex in Forrest City, Arkansas. 

Anthony served twenty-one and a half years with the Bureau of Prisons, awarding him with thirty-one plus years of Government Service.  

In January 2014, Anthony began serving as the Executive Director for Creative Corrections Education Foundation (CCEF), in Beaumont, Texas.  

Marsha Pitzer-Rivera, Program Administrator Right Path Program Beaumont

Marsha is responsible for maintaining all documents and files pertaining to the daily operations of the overall foundation.  Marsha also performs the duties as the Program Recruiter for the Right Path Program in Beaumont, Texas.  Marsha provides program awareness to the local community through local advertisement initiatives and fundraiser events, which provides monetary donation support for the program. 

Board of Directors

Percy Pitzer, Founder and President of the Board (Retired Warden).

James Rich, Secretary of the Board, President of the Greater Beaumont Chamber of Commerce (Retired Warden).

Jeffrey Wydeven, Board Member, FEMA Disaster Assistance (Retired Correctional Services Administrator).

Dr. Stan Stojkovic, Board Member, Dean and Professor of Criminal Justice in the Helen Bader School of Social Welfare (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee).

Wayne Scott, Treasurer of the Board, Correctional Consultant, 40 years and former Director of Texas Department of Criminal Justice and Texas Board of Pardons and Parole.

Patricia L. Caruso, Board Member, Director Michigan Department of Corrections (Retired) and former Warden.

Bette M. S. Inch, Board Member, Senior Victim Assistance Advisor for the Department of Defense, Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Office.

Statement from Percy & Sununt Pitzer:

“The 30 plus year professional career in corrections has been good to us and we feel very grateful and privileged.  First with the Federal Bureau of Prisons and upon retiring as a Warden, I worked as a Warden in the private sector. 

We want to purposely preface this message by expressing gratefulness and serenity, not only in our personal lives, but also in our professional lives. With that said we are tremendously thrilled and honored to have established what we believe to be an exciting and rewarding undertaking with hopes and full intent of paying forward and giving back to this industry. 

We have create a non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization that will provide educational opportunities to disadvantaged children of incarcerated individuals through scholarships and other creative strategies. 

Our hope is to provide support and enhance the futures of those children who may not have other options or alternatives.”