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CCEF Success Story!!!

August 22, 2018

Success for a young lady, Lillie Shelton…

CCEF, Lamar State College Port Arthur, and Associated Builders and Contractors Construction Program

July 13, 2018


CCEF Fundraiser Hosted by Jorge & Lilly Jimenez

June 15, 2018

Thanks to everyone but specially

Message From CCEF's Program Administrator Marsha Pitzer

May 17, 2018

At CCEF our daily mission is providing the assistance needed to our local citizens in order to live a productive and positive life.  Through your small donations, we can continue to assist and at the same time make our community…

Message From CCEF Founder Percy Pitzer

May 15, 2018

Creative Corrections Education Foundation has 14 states on board allowing the inmates to donate…

Message from the Founder Percy Pitzer

May 7, 2018

Creative Corrections Education Foundation is making great progress in the Beaumont/Port Arthur area. We have a partnership with Associated Builders and Contractors ABC). ABC provides skill training for those in need. With this training, participants will be able to seek professional jobs which…

Grassley: Sentencing Reform Has Broad Support in Senate and by Public

April 25, 2018 “Today, our oversized prison population costs taxpayers billions annually and draws law enforcement resources away from apprehending violent offenders." This reform bill would reduce mandatory minimum sentences. Thoughts?

CCEF Thanks Hyundai of Silsbee!!!

April 25, 2018

For about two years, Dale Early and Tony Thomas, of Hyundai of Silsbee,…

Community Reform

April 25, 2018

How can we as a nation have criminal justice and prison reform without community reform. We as communities totally depend of the police and prisons to solve our social ill's. We have very little out there that prevents issues from occuring in the first place. We believe when we send a person to prison,…

CCEF Wine Tasting Fundraiser Event in Tunis Trace, Georgia!!!

April 25, 2018

Mark your calendar!!! Wine tasting for a cause “Education versus Incarceration” June 2,2018 to take place at our home! Details will be forthcoming. If you attended before you know the food is good, a lot of fun, the wines are great and the funds raised are for an excellent cause...”Saving our Youth”…