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Community Reform

April 25, 2018

How can we as a nation have criminal justice and prison reform without community reform. We as communities totally depend of the police and prisons to solve our social ill's. We have very little out there that prevents issues from occuring in the first place. We believe when we send a person to prison, our problems are solved. That's wrong. Our problem just begins,, because when they return to our community, no one wants to hire them because they are now an ex convict. Its a revolving door. We see many of our young people in communities that are totally lost with no perception of what success is. Many of them believe success is measured by how long they can stay out of prison. We really need to learn to be more proactive rather then reactive. As a retired warden with nearly 30 years working in prisons I strongly believe in the words of Frederick Douglass " It easier to build strong children then to repair broken men".

Percy Pitzer