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CCEF's Second Fundraiser Event - Message from Founder Percy Pitzer

April 19, 2017

CCEF had a great event this past Thursday with Retired Dallas Police Chief David Brown as our guest speaker. The event was important, because we were able to get our message out as to what the foundation is trying to accomplish and we believe the message will spread. Beaumont, as well as most cities in America, depend on the police to solve social issues within a community. That is not the police department's responsibility and we as citizens need to understand that.

As I see it, their job is to keep a community safe and the citizens' job is to be proactive and prevent negative issues occurring before they happen. This can only be accomplished by a community working together. For example, Jefferson County Jail, at last check, had 691 inmates incarcerated at a cost of $158.00 per day, per inmate and around $57,500.00 per day to operate, including staffing. Of the total number of inmates confined, approximately 60 percent are African American males. Jefferson County has over 6,000 individuals on some sort of criminal supervision.

The goal of CCEF is to reduce these numbers by catching our young people before they encounter legal issues and getting them into the community college, getting them a skill, allowing them to get a decent paying job, support themselves and family and stay out of the criminal justice system. If the foundation could get 5 percent of the citizens of Jefferson County to donate $5.00 a month, $60.00 a year, we can place more than 100 young adults into the community college each year and seriously reduce the number of individuals getting into the criminal justice system.

We need your help. Please mail your donations to CCEF, 6545 Calder Ave, Beaumont, TX, 77706 or donate on this website.  We need your assistance in making a positive impact in our community. Please share.