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Message from CCEF Founder Percy Pitzer

April 2, 2017

We can't fix problems in our community unless we recognize its in fact a problem. I think if we are honest with ourselves, we could describe most communities a...s a tale of two cities. One city with those of us that has everything and the other city is those that have nothing. I don't see Beaumont as being any different then any other community. We often rely on law enforcement and prisons to solve out problems and they do a great job for what's expected of them.

The question is, are we expecting them to solve the problems the community doesn't want to deal with. What is the communities responsibility? We have a county jail that cost around $58,000.00 a day to operate, we have over 3,000 individuals under some sort of criminal justice supervision, we have around 10,000 inmates confined in our county and when they are released from prison, no one wants to hire them. Its a revolving door. Why are we not dealing with at risk individuals before they enter the criminal justice system.

That's exactly what ccefscholarships.org is trying to accomplish. Our goal is to place 100 of these individuals into LIT in the fall semester, get them a skill which allows them to obtain a decent paying job and support themselves and their families rather than living within the system. This can not be accomplished without the support of the community.

Please support our efforts by attending our fundraiser on April 13, 6:30 PM at the Beaumont civic center. Retired Chief of Police, David O. Brown from Dallas is out featured speaker and we will also be honoring Dr Lonnie Howard, President of LIT and Zena Stevens, first female African American Sheriff from the state of Texas. You can purchase tickets by going to our web site or by calling our office at (409) 861-2536. You can also call myself at (409) 284-4155 or Jackie Simien at (409) 781-5614. We will deliver the tickets.