About Creative Corrections Educational Foundation (CCEF)

Creative Corrections Education Foundation Inc. is a 501(c) (3) organization based in Beaumont, Texas that provides new educational opportunities for at-risk young adults of incarcerated parents who otherwise are extremely likely to participate in criminal activities.

By providing the possibility of a better future, including academics, financial, legal and social success, we are able to empower these young men and women to change their lives. Our goal is to promote “Education versus Incarceration”.

Additional Programs Under CCEF:

Right Path Program-Beaumont, Texas was established in June of 2015. This program was created to address the problem of the unemployed residents within our community as unfortunately there is a growing population of those that are unskilled, uneducated, and lacking the necessary tools to gain meaningful employment. Our goal is to target the needs of the local community by creating a program that will give underprivileged individuals the necessary training and skills to enter the job market by providing them with educational opportunities. The Creative Corrections Education Foundation (CCEF) teamed up with Lamar State College-Port Arthur and Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) in Southeast Texas. Selected applicants have an opportunity to obtain a trade certificate. This program aims to help disadvantaged young adults in the Beaumont/Port Arthur communities help themselves be successful by obtaining a trade certificate which will allow them to compete in the business sector so that they may become productive, law abiding, and tax paying citizens. We believe the program will reduce the probability of these recipients ending up in jail, giving them the path of education versus incarceration.

Right Path Program-Milwaukee, Wisconsin was established in June of 2014.  This program was created to provide educational opportunities to young adults who reside in Milwaukee Wisconsin.  Creative Corrections Education Foundation (CCEF) teamed up with the Milwaukee Area Technical College (MATC) in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  The mission of the program is to place young adults who have dropped out of high school in Wisconsin back in school at MATC, to obtain their GED or High School Diploma.  This program continues to aid in breaking the cycle and reducing second generational crime by providing the recipients a choice of education versus incarceration.